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Press Release

UK Web Designers to Launch Search Engine with Target Sale of $100m.

Global advertisers have already backed two British entrepreneurs in their project to launch an innovative search engine with a target sale of $100m in 18 months time. Funding for the project is being raised from advertisers who will receive a share of a $50m windfall if the target concept sale is achieved.

London, England - March 7 2006 – Brendan Ellis and Craig Dent are aiming to launch a unique and innovative search engine off the back of the publicity surrounding the global internet pixel phenomenon. Customers who use the ‘streamlined and selective’ search engine will ultimately determine advertiser rankings. Potential listings will be screened and vetted geographically by a team of existing global editors.

Dent and Ellis both from Sheffield, England said that to launch a search engine with such potential requires (a) either huge investment or (b) mega website traffic to begin with. “We opted to generate both simultaneously. We immediately received revenue from our first advertisers who are attracted by our offer to include them in any possible future success.”

In less than 12 days via word-of-mouth and well-prepared search engine rankings. Ellis the technical half of the duo, claims they have attracted thousands of unique visits to the ‘launch pad site’. Orders have been received from around the world including; Australia, Germany, USA, UK, France, Slovakia, Greece, and Hungary.

Within 10 days Dent said “We had taken pre orders of over $27,000 of advertising space on the ‘launch site’. Advertisers see the potential in our unique approach to raising revenue and overall objective: selling the search engine concept in 18 months; rewarding them with half if we are successful. In effect we are creating a global pool of small backers with an active interest in our product.”

One of the first to preorder advertising space was Chris Kloeze, a Telecoms Finance Controller from The Hague (Netherlands) He said “on a personal level when I heard of this from a colleague in Utrecht I looked at the way these guys wanted to raise big funding and I just thought ‘brilliant’. I had to give it a go simply because of that, it’s a crazy but thought provoking idea”.

The official website launch is March 17th All current revenue is from ‘preorders’ which include an offer to potential advertisers of a 90 trial period where they can test the concept for only 10% of the full price. The current $27,000 worth of space equates to $2,700 of received revenue and a $24,300 balance in May if the advertisers are here to stay.

Dent said “pixel advertising is all the rage and gets results if conducted carefully, so we thought about utilizing this phenomenon to raise the capital for our overall objective of launching and selling our search engine.” The primary country section editors are now in place and the aim is to introduce the search engine in May of this year.

Space can be bought and sold on the dynamic launch site. Advertisers assign a value to their space and can receive offers, in effect selling if the ‘cash offer’ outweighs the ‘traffic value’.

Of the $100m target Dent said “it’s nothing more than a big number”. He believes that the search engine project is truly innovative and that funded by the launch website revenue, it can become globally recognized. They aim to achieve this by continuing to attract global advertisers with the payback incentive. Advertisers can get involved presently for as little as $10.00.

Read more about their project on the novel launch site

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