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Bob will consider all applications to become an affiliate of Bob’s Million Dollar Gamble.
If you feel you can drive traffic to Bob’s new site and would like to earn 20% commission from that traffic please send Bob an e mail as detailed below:
For each 90 day trial sale of 100 pixels you will earn $2 commission – however for all full payments received from original orders through your affiliate url you will also receive 20% of the balance. In total you can earn $20 per sale (per 100 pixels). In other words, sell a block like this: 100 Pixels and the buyer pays the balance after 90 days, you make $20.00!

If you are already running a pixel review website with significant traffic this is an ideal way to earn extra income!

All accepted affiliates will be provided with a unique tracking url and a reporting system and log-in.
To apply for a slice of the action please e-mail Bob and include the following information:
Because of the nature of this project, Bob will only accept what are deemed to be serious applications – these can be from both organizations and/or individuals.

  1. Full Name
  2. Organization (if applicable)
  3. E-mail Address
  4. Telephone (and codes etc)
  5. Website Name
  6. Web url

One of Bob’s team will reply to you within 24 hours!
If you are accepted as an affiliate you will be contacted by e-mail and provided with details of how to log-in to Bob's affiliate network.
All applications will receive a reply.