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Bob wants YOU to give HIM $10.00 please.

Why do you want $10.00 Bob?

Because I want to give you $5,000 back if I sell my Search Engine in 18 months for $100,000,000.

I will use YOUR money, the money I make, to invest in OUR target of achieving the sale of $100,000,000. You can read more about the search engine at the bottom of this page.

Sounds ok, but do I get anything else for my $10.00?

Yes. For 90 days I will give you some of my SPACE for only 10% of the normal price. You can put an image and a link to your website in that space. A bit like this: 100 Pixels. You can see my advertising space here. If enough of you join me and I continue to issue press releases, then interest in the project will simply draw more and more attention, we all know by now how that works :-) You can follow traffic growth and our rapid climb up

What then?

So, we have 90 days with little risk ($10.00) to see if the first part works. If it DOES work then you have the choice to pay me your $90 balance for each bit of space you order and keep it for 10 years, or just 'cut and run'. If we ARE getting traffic, and you decide to pay the balance, then I've got the investment I need and you're 'IN' for a slice of the $100,000,000.

And the clever part is that if we do get the attention rolling in the first 90 days, not only will you be involved in the $100,000,000 objective, you will also get website traffic from your image and link.

Bob, what's the deal with the 'search engine'?

That's simple I need the investment to attract traffic to the concept. The search engine is already developed and ready to launch. But I would be foolish to launch it on a website with little traffic. That’s where you and your $10 come in. The aim is I invest wisely in drawing traffic to this site so we all benefit. If I launch the search engine just at the right time we're all winners. Imagine if Alex Tew had launched an innovative advertising media concept when he was getting 2 million visitors a week. Does my proposal seem so implausible now?

The main site and displaying of your ad's takes place when the clock at the top of the page reaches zero. If you want the best spot and the most from the 90 day trial, you can order space now. If you want to know why there's a clock read ask Bob.

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Advertise on Bob’s pixel website from only $10. Pixel advertising is now huge around the world and growing rapidly. Pixel websites are popping up in all countries and advertisers are flooding to the good ones. What is a good pixel website? The answer is very simple: one that gets traffic for advertisers and a good return on investment. After only 12 days is rocketing up After 12 days our ranking was 51,131, a move of over 110,000 places in ONE day. We are drawing traffic and interest. Read our press release here: Join us while Bob’s goal is looking achievable, order space from only $10.00 and play a part in the $50m payback to YOU.

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