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$100 Million in 18 Months. Play a Part in Internet History.

Alex Tew's Million Dollar Homepage made over US$1 million in just over 4 months! Why did it END there?

Ok I'm sure Alex Tew will make plenty more money from his endeavours (and Bob and the team wish him well), but you don't allow something like The Million Dollar Homepage to grind to a halt. Read about Bob's mission below:

Bob's first goal is very simple: get traffic to this website for his advertisers. His second goal is to sell all the space and make US$1 million Dollars. Everyone benefits. Bob and his team make money, advertisers get traffic. Who loses? Answer: anyone who DOESN'T play a part, simple as that! Goal three is to make US$100 million in 18 months and pay $50 million BACK to the first people who advertise here with Bob. US$50 million back to YOU.

How do WE make $100 million? Well, the short answer to that is also simple. Once 'Bob's Space' page on is close to full, we implement the second phase of this concept; Bob's search engine "Project2". Now at the moment Bob is not giving much away on this (for obvious reasons) but in essence the plan is to utilise the SUPER TRAFFIC to implement new concepts of internet advertising media already up Bob's sleeve. Imagine if Alex Tew had done that as The Million Dollar Homepage was 75% full and getting 2 million visitors a week. He would have earned thirty or forty times more. Bob proposes to integrate new concepts of advertsining media that will draw even MORE TRAFFIC. It is all about timing. In fact Bob aims to rocket to the top of the list of 'movers and shakers' BEFORE he even has to get out of bed. Bob will also introduce and invite third party concepts and ideas on internet advertising media. And of course we are talking hard Dollars here. Bob's proposed website name for the $100 Million Dollar Project2 will appear in the near future on Bob's Blog.

$1 Million Dollars from just under 3,000 advertisers! That's what The Million Dollar Homepage achieved. Why not $100 million?

The numbers here are very simple. If Alex tew made $1 Million Dollars from just under 3,000 advertisers - HE MISSED A GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY. Imagine how much TRAFFIC they would be getting if he made $100 million. And he could have.

So here's the deal. Together Bob and our advertisers fill Bob's Space Page and get TRAFFIC, we implement the next phase; Project2, when the page is almost full, introducing the new concepts briefly covered above. The whole project with Bob and advertisers working together EXPLODES, in fact it takes The Million Dollar Homepage concept to a whole new level. With global SUPER TRAFFIC and the new concepts introduced by Bob: project2 is going to be up for grabs to the highest bidder! Target: $100 Million Dollars.

And here is the clever part. If Bob and his advertisers achieve this $100 Million target, ALL the original first advertisers (there could be over 2500 or more of you) get a return of FIFTY TIMES what you paid for your advertising space, in UNDER 2 years. In other words, if WE achieve the target of $100 Million, Bob will give $50 Million of it BACK TO YOU.

If the selling price goes for less than $100 million but more than $20 Million, then the return on investment will be proportionate to the difference in the 'actual selling price' and $100 Million target. If Bob fails to achieve his goal and the concept sells for less than $20 Million Dollars there will be NO return on advertisers investment, other than of course the TRAFFIC they will be benefitting from. Remember, Bob is serious about achieving the $100 Million goal by working together with YOU.

This unique profit sharing idea will ONLY apply to advertisers who commit to their space after the 90 day trial period (the trial period is where you get to 'test' the concept for 90 days at a cost of only 10% of the full price). With this in mind any advertisers who pay their 'balance' after the 90 day trial will be presented with the Full Terms & Conditions prior to making the 'balance payment'. But in essence, should the sale target of $100 Million be achieved, this will be that $50 Million be paid back to the 2500 or so advertisers. For example, if you pay a balance on a $1,000.00 pixel block (total price) you will receive $50,000 in under 2 years. So you really can PLAY a part in internet history.

If you are thinking "what if Bob doesn't really have a 'Project2' at all?" Think about this: Bob DOES have a 'Project2' and even if he didn't and TOGETHER we fill this Bob's Space page - imagine the Multi-Nationals who will be queuing up at Bob's office door for a slice of the action! We could team up and implement THEIR concepts and we still SELL for $100 Million!

Think about it... Under 3,000 advertisers paid $1,000,000 to Alex Tew's MillionDollarHomepage. Bob's goal is to SELL his media concept to the highest bidder. A concept which will be proven to work by Bob working together with YOU, the first advertisers. To achieve the target of a one hundred million dollar 'saleable concept' Bob, together with YOU, need only attract a potential buying audience of 300,000 advertisers to the idea and we're talking $100 million already... think again for a second... 100 times more people than the PAYING CUSTOMERS (not visitors) of the millionDollarHomepage. What's 300,000 if you are attracting 2 miilion visits per week? Even 500,000 visits per week? Nothing... Together WE can take this concept to a whole new level. Remember, if WE achieve our target, $50 million will be paid BACK to the original advertisers, as well as the benefit of the super traffic that we aim to create.

Thanks, Bob.