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Third Party Partners Required

Bob is Looking for Third Party Partnerships to Join Him in his Quest for the $100 Million Dollar Sale.

Bob's ultimate goal is 300,000 very satisfied customers and the sale of his business concept for $100 million dollars. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see the golden opportunity that Alex Tew has created. Two million visitors per week and ONLY $1,000,000 sales to 3,000 customers. If you cannot see Bob’s point then you should become a rocket scientist.

If you can't see what I'm getting at, don't read any further on this page. If you can see Bob's point and you own, are emloyed by, manage, or whatever, a succesful and growing internet advertisng media business, pick up the phone to Bob! email him. Bob will get the traffic. Bob will implement Project2, just at the right moment and go for the $100 million goal. If you fall into one of the catagories just mentioned we need to work together and get business from this traffic! Business that Alex tew didn't capitalise on because he, understandably, wasn't prepared for. We need to get our advertisers traffic and generate them revenue - that is our most important goal.

$100 million is nothing, its not even the tip of the iceberg, when you consider the levels of traffic already demonstrated by the great concept and ingenouity of Alex Tew. Alex has already shown the world how everyone can benefit from simple forms of traffic generating advertising. Mega traffic, mega revenue, satisfied advertisers. Who loses? No one other than the individuals and organizations who don't play a part. And Bob is going all the way, he is going for the $100 million and 300,000 VERY SATISFIED customers, why should he do it on his own? Third party? Got the goods? Contact Bob, together we could be talking 3 million satisfied customers in 18 months. Derek... pass me the calculator please!

Third party? See Bob's logic? Let's talk business e mail Bob.