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Lazy Student?

Man with Beer!

Are you a lazy student?

Read this and in 15 minutes you will be set up to earn money in your sleep!

I'm Rich Your Not

If you are a 'know it all' non-lazy student what are you reading this for? You're smart - you already know about making easy money! Go away! Flippy... that means you too! I don't mean to be rude but this is the LAZY STUDENT section!

If you ARE a lazy student allow me to enlighten you for a few minutes, before I go to the Pub, on how to set your self up to make money in your sleep!

1. Firstly, click this link and sign up with ClickBank

ClickBank This will take you 5 minutes! And it costs ZIP! Zero, Nada, Niente, Niks, Nothing, $0.

Take a look at some of the programs - this section is 'Money & Employment'.
Click the '[Earn 50%]' button of the programs you like and enter your new user name! As covered in section 2 next.

2. Apply to one of the ClickBank programs (or as many as you want)

This will take you 10 seconds! Check this ClickBank program out: Go on, have a look, see what you think! Once you have signed up (as section 1.) you can apply to The RichJerk program! This takes about 10 seconds! I am not joking! You will have your url in about 10 seconds! Depending on what name you sign up with, e.g. lazystudent, it will look like this:

Many of the advertisers on The Million Dollar Homepage are actually affiliates! The I'm Rich Your Not graphic is an image that appears at the top left of The

I'm Rich Your Not!

That's a ClickBank affiliate of the RichJerk program! All YOU have to do, is sign up as 'lazystudent' or whatever, and you're up and running! This guy makes $22.00 on every sale! WITHOUT GETTING OUT OF BED! It's so simple! In fact the RichJerk himself (Hello R.J.) makes millions every year - he even shows you his earnings and statements!

3. Spend $10.00 on 100 pixels 100 Pixels on Bobs's pixel homepage

This will take you 5 minutes! You can even Order Pixels now. Order your pixels, give us your image and your new ClickBank program url and you are up and running! I will be honest with you - you may or may not make a sale in 90 days! If you didn't I would be amazed! The Rich Jerk program alone is interesting enough and a good enough product to earn you commission! And don't forget there are hundreds and hundreds of programs you can apply to! If you get 1 (ONE) sale through the RichJerk e book - you will earn $22.00. It's not rocket science! You could even spend half an hour e mailing your new money-spinning affilaite url: to all the 'would be' Bill Gates' and 'would be' Rich Jerks in your address book - they could even buy a copy and make you $22.00! But remember - NO SPAM!

Bob's Maths: Spend $10.00 on a 90 day pixel block + link to RichJerk program + 1 Sale = $12 profit!!!

4. Go to the Pub and think 'WOW.. Bob's The Main Man!

This should take you 4 minutes and 50 seconds! If it takes you any longer; you are NOT a lazy student! If you live more than 4 minutes and 50 seconds from a Pub; you are not a lazy student and you have just gone DOWN in my estimations! You know who I mean! You know who you are! Go and make some more Chili Con Carne! LAZY students ALL live within 5 minutes of a pub!

If you are not a lazy student (or you are Phillipa's Dad) and still want to know more, please read the Professionally Explained section.

So there you have it you lazy student! Buy me a beer next time we meet! Bob. (Bob is a Digital Entity!)

Bob is not claiming that you are guranteed to earn money from affiliate programs such as ClickBank. He is simply offering tips on how you can bebnefit from such programs.


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