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Is this the next million dollar homepage?

Press: Is This The Next Million Dollar Homepage?

Yahoo News and - 7th March 2006 Press Release - UK Web Designers to Launch Search Engine with Target Sale of $100m

$50 million to be Paid Back to the FIRST Advertisers.

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TRAFFIC: over 4 million hits in March 2006 - see stats

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The Search Engine

Bob and his team have developed a simple and very unique search engine with global potential. We CANNOT launch it NOW because the public and press are only just getting to hear of Bob's proposal. We need to launch it when traffic levels are huge. At present we have a global team of human editors waiting to spring into action (we need more, but more of that later). If presented to global advertisers just at the right time when traffic levels are huge, advertisers will be queuing up to pay to be on the search engine. As Spock would say "it's highly logical Captain".

Please feel free to read the recent PRESS coverage, including Yahoo News,, and, then come back and read these questions, but be quick. Remember you can join us for as little as $10 for your image and link on Bob's space.

If you think this is an Early April Fools... Grasp the Formulae

or Skip to the Questions Below

x : number of advertisers making a purchase
y : increased number of website visitors
z : greater than significant
p : press and public interest
g : our goal
s : $100,000,000 Search Engine Concept Sale
if : x x y = z   then   g = s
or if :
( x x $10.00 ) + ( y + p ) = z
then :
g = s    ( $100,000,000.00 )

Please Take a Moment to Answer These 7 Questions:

1. In around 18 months time you could be part of around 3,000 advertisers receiving a share of $50 million dollars. Or put this way; for EACH $10 you invest now would you like to receive $5,000 back in 18 months*. Yes or No? If yes, join Bob now: invest $10.

2. If in 18 months with significant unique visitors per week and a proven to work unique search engine; would a sale to the highest bidder be conceivable? If such a deal were 'on the table' would global media and public interest be huge. Yes or No? If yes, join Bob now: invest $10.

3. If Alex Tew had launched a new and unique search engine on the when he was receiving millions of visitors per week, would he have made far more than $1 million? Yes or No? If yes, join Bob now: invest $10.

4. If in 4 months time the 'launch pad' website ad' space is full (of YOUR $10 images) and Bob receives the final payment achieving $1m dollars (just like Alex Tew) will press, media and public interest be phenomenal? Yes or No? If yes, join Bob now: invest $10.

5. If in 3 months time Bob announces to the press that around 3,000 advertisers have bought ALL the space on the pixel grid at 10% of the total price and are due to pay a $900,000 balance, will press, media and public interest be phenomenal. Will YOU be getting even more traffic? Yes or No? If yes, join Bob now: invest $10.

6. If you invest $10 dollars now and over the next 3 months discover that the measly $10 has been getting you high value traffic and the press are turning their heads even more, would you be happy to pay the $90 balance to keep that space for 10 (TEN) years? Yes or No? If yes, join Bob now: invest $10.

Are you getting the picture? You have just read my objectives in reverse order. Now consider question 7:

7. Traffic now to this website is significant and growing daily and the PRESS are following the story. Join Bob now: invest $10, we need to build the momentum as witnessed by Alex Tew. If you are quick enough you can still get a prime position. invest $10

Wether this project is succesful or not, consider why Alex Tew missed a golden opportunity. Millions of visitors, and only 3,000 paying customers. It can be BETTERED.

If you answered 'yes' to all the above and are still reading this, I am puzzled. This is your last chance; join Bob now: invest $10.

* If you invest as little as $10 now you will have your image and link for the 90 day trial period. If after 90 days all is going to plan as outlined above, and you pay the $90 balance you will recieve $5,000 in return for each $100 block you purchase if the $100m sale is succesful. Order Now for the $10 ninety day trial period.